I wish I had a fabulous name for this all-inclusive experience.
For now, until that fabulous-ness shows up, here’s…

The Full Meal Deal

What it is, what it includes, and how much it costs:

What it is

The Full Meal Deal is a multi-month journey of personal discovery that just happens to produce a really awesome logo and business card as well as a personal wearable symbol item (silk scarf, etc.) for you to use to promote your Soulpreneur business and attract your ideal clients. It’s a tax deductible (consult your CPA for details) opportunity for personal growth, insight, business development, and FUN. Because if it isn’t fun, then we don’t want to do it, do we?

What it includes

This is a multi-month journey (mileage may vary; it’s at your pace) of personal growth and discovery. It is paced this way because I recognize that INTEGRATION is essential for this to be meaningful, authentic, and lasting. For you to really discover, own, and express the powerful essence of who you really are, it’s going to take a little bit of time. If you just want that logo, because you have to have it right now for a trade show (or whatever), then we CAN knock that out for you in a week if we must. But I’d prefer a meaningful relationship and not just a fling, you know?

What you’ll experience


We will start with your SoulPrint. I’ll get your birthdate, do a meditation, and then some interesting imagery will show up and I will capture it with chalk pastels and markers. I’ll write out an interpretation of the symbols and the journey that unfolded to reveal those symbols. You might cry. People sometimes cry when I read their SoulPrint interpretation. It’s a big deal to be seen. It’s beautiful, and I am very honored to be part of this process with you.

This part of the process includes the 11 x 14 original artwork, interpretation, and consultation where we unpack what you learned about yourself in the process.

Value of SoulPrint as a stand-alone $179.


This is the first part of the healing process. I will take you through a visually facilitated session where we will discover what is ready to be released, what no longer serves you, what belongs to someone else, what is tripping you up, etc. We will identify and remove those things that are not in alignment with who you are called to be and to express. This is generally a 1 hour session either in person or done remotely over the phone or on web conference.

This segment includes the intuitive healing session and the Draw You Out visual notes of our session. To make them prettier, I usually draw up my notes in a visual form after we conclude the session and send them to you afterwards as a PDF document. The visual notes help you retain and integrate the key points more effectively and capture any abstract symbols or concepts that showed up during your session. This also includes up to 1 hour of phone support after your session to process any “AHA’s” that surface afterwards. 

Value of the individual session as a stand-alone: $297


This second part of the healing process includes another type of session called a “Soul Retrieval.” Shamanic practitioners have utilized this process to call back aspects of a person that become lost when trauma occurs. We all have these lost soul parts. Stuff happens. Sometimes the stuff that happens is something someone said to you when you were a kid, a trauma, an injury, a divorce, an accident, an attack, an abandonment, a loss… the list goes on and on. Part of us says, “Screw this. I’m outta here!” We will get to the bottom of it and RESTORE this aspect, by inviting it back to you. That important and powerful part of you has wisdom and a gift to offer you. It wants to be expressed in your work, your identity, and to your ideal clients. You will experience a greater sense of wholeness as a result and feel more fully integrated and aligned with your purpose.

This segment includes a 1 hour Soul Retrieval session and a talisman of a symbol that is revealed in the session. Something the Soul Part has to return to you (its Gift) is often expressed in a form I can capture visually for you to remember and integrate. It includes up to 30 minutes of phone time to integrate what shows up for you after the session.

Value of the individual session as a stand alone: $297


Up to this point we will have revealed a treasure chest of potent symbolic imagery through the SoulPrint, the Draw You Out Session, and the Soul Retrieval. At this stage, I will go into meditation and ask for the Master Key symbol, your Soul Symbol, that captures the essence of everything we have explored. This Soul Symbol will tune up to your essence, your signature energy, and communicate the vibration of who you are to others, most especially your ideal clients. Think of it as your own sacred geometry QR code that sends a packet of information energetically to the world around you. I will render this symbol on the computer as a starting point, then we will work together interactively to hone it until it you feel it is “there.” You’ll know. My clients always know.

This segment includes an original SoulSymbol (logo) design, 90-minute interactive session, all of the digital files, a business card layout ready for printing, and one item of custom clothing with your Soul Symbol printed on it. Some potential items include silk scarves in 3 different sizes, leggings, silk beanie hats, or a kimono jacket. I am happy to create other items for you on a per piece basis at an additional cost.

Value of this segment as a stand-alone: $1297.


When I surveyed my client base they surprised me with the information that they wanted MORE. They wanted to stay in touch, to keep connecting and playing together. It’s a love fest, really, and we just don’t want to quit. So, to meet that need and benefit the greatest number of people, I created The Raven’s Nest. This is a community, both online and in person that meets once a month to encourage, support, inspire, and sometimes kick one another in the tookus to keep showing up fully and being all that we came here to be.

Your Full Meal Deal includes 1 full year membership in The Raven’s Nest. If you want to leave the nest after a year, you can subscribe to that for $12/month or $100 annually.

Value of this segment as a stand-alone: $100-$120.

If you added all that up, it’s a $2190 package of goodies if you invested in each one separately. (And you can, if you’d prefer to pick and choose.) Should you decide to go with The Full Meal Deal as a package, however, we can do it for $1964. Why? Because that’s when I was born and it’s a really good year. The Beatles came to the US for their first concert the month I was born it was so awesome. (You know I’m having fun with this, right?)  I hate those manipulative sales-y lead page whatever things. That’s what it is, okay? If you want to come play, let’s do this thing.

Yes, Raven, I want The Full Meal Deal in all its potent fabulousness. You can pay once for $1964, pay in 3 installments of $675, or 4 installments of $525. (Yes, it is a little more to do the installment thing. Time is money.)

Here are your 3 contestants. Choose Door Number 1, 2, or 3. Take a deep breath… ready? OK… Click! See you on the other side. 🙂

The Full Meal Deal

3 Installments

Full Meal Deal
$$675/3 x $675 = $2025
  • Spread out your investment over 3 months. When you do, you agree to monthly billing of $675 per month for 3 months. You will receive all the same deliverables as the Pay at Once Full Meal Deal, but just a small increase for the financing.
Let's Go!

4 Installments

Full Meal Deal
$$525/4 x $525 = $2100
  • Spread out your investment over 4 months. When you do, you agree to monthly billing of $525 per month for 4 months. You will receive all the same deliverables as the Pay at Once Full Meal Deal, but just a small increase for the financing.
Let's Go!