Le Menu a la Carte

Sometimes your needs and budget direct you just one or two very specific services or products. I totally get that. To make that easier, here is an “a la carte” menu of individual offerings you can experience as a stand-alone. Happy shopping! Looking forward to working with you. ūüôā

Art and Design Offerings


original 11 x14 mixed media piece with interpretive reading
  • Arrived at through meditation, these pieces are illuminating and personal. No two are alike. Presented in a photo portfolio, they make wonderful gifts. $125 payable when placing your custom order.
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Logo Design / SoulSymbol

includes SoulPrint
  • Includes an original SoulPrint and interpretation, consultation, unique symbol design, digital files, business card design, and one custom accessory of your choice of 3 items, Deposit of $500 to start and $490 balance upon completion.
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SoulPrint 2 Logo

Upgrade your SoulPrint to Digital logo
  • Designed for clients who had a SoulPrint created and want to turn it into a digital version to use as a logo. Includes digital files, business card layout, and 1 accessory item. Deposit of $400 and balance of $375 upon completion.
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Healing Session Offerings

Release Healing Session

A Draw-You-Out Journey
  • Includes 1 hour healing session and (up to) an additional 1 hour of post-session phone support. Visual notes from the session assist¬†you in identifying what no longer serves you and helps you integrate the transformation.
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Restore Healing Session

Reconnect to Your Power!
  • In this 1 hour clarity and healing session (and up to 1 hour of post-session support), you will call back aspects of yourself that are ready to contribute to your success and wholeness. You will receive the insights from the session in Visual Notes and also a “talisman,” a tangible reminder, of the Gift your reclaimed Soul Part has for you.
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Bowen Healing Session

In person, hands on body re-set session
  • In 2009 I completed and was certified as a Bowen Healing System practitioner and worked on hundreds of clients between 2009 and 2013. Recently, when I surveyed my client base, I was startled to discover how many people still wanted sessions! This subtle modality will help you release, relax, and re-set. Supports your body to heal itself to the degree it is able.
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Other Offerings

Hourly Design Production

Quick interactive projects and tweaks
  • Sometimes you just need to change a phone number on your business card, layout a new postcard, get a name-badge for a trade show, or design a branded PowerPoint template. Let Raven swoop in and save the day! I already have your files, so this will be fast and FUN.
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Web Design

Branded WordPress sites
  • If you like the look and feel of this website, then here’s a shocker… I did it! Yup. And I can do your web site too. Let’s talk and find out what you need (number of pages, functionality, etc.) and I’ll give you a quote. This site took me about 5 days and would have cost a client $5000 to do. Yours won’t be this complicated. Most sites cost between $600 and $1500.
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Graphic Recording

Big Picture Visual Notes for Groups
$2000/Gig /per Day
  • All these visual notes you see around the site? I do that for groups to help them gain clarity and retain information. It’s called graphic recording and I do it for organizations. I often work with professional facilitators. If you’d like to have me do it for your group, let’s talk and work something out.
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