SoulPrint LIVE!

Performance Art for Speakers, Events, and More

Looking to add a new dimension to your event? Live interpretive art not only entertains but creates deeper understanding, recall and engagement of whatever is being presented. The art can be reproduced as a keepsake for participants to remember for years to come.

Artistic Alchemy

It was bound to happen—eventually. In 2017 I experienced a profound event of artistic alchemy. My in-the-moment live capture drawing skills developed from doing graphic recording of corporate events collided with the hundreds of hours spent drawing SoulPrints intuitively for individuals in the jungles of Maui. In February of 2017, I was invited to participate as the featured artist at Sac SoulTalks. The producer, RJ Bullen, and I were inspired to have me do the art LIVE while the presenters were speaking, then present my art and interpretations afterward. SoulPrintLIVE! was born.

Here’s a video of the result:

Shortly afterward, Warehouse Artist Lofts (WAL), where I have my studio, held it’s March FiRst Friday open studio event.

Tresa Honaker, Artistic Director of AirAligned aerial dance group, suggested I do my live art in the dance studio while her dancers performed for the event.

INSPIRED doesn’t begin to capture what viewing these talented dancers did for my creative output. Wow! I created 3 distinct prints over the course of three performances. I learned that I can capture the energy and essence of individuals, groups, talks, and live performances including music and dance.

What can I capture for YOU? Let’s chat and explore the possibilities!