SoulPrints began on Maui in 2013. I lived there between April 2013 and March 2016. In just several years, I created over 250 of these original drawings derived from the recipient’s Mayan Sun Sign and a journey/meditation on their behalf. Since I no longer live on Maui (returning to Sacramento in 2016), it was getting confusing to keep this offering at the old URL of “mauisoulprints”, so you have been redirected here if you are looking for me and want to order a SoulPrint for yourself, family member, friend, or couple.

The price for each SoulPrint is $125, plus $8.00 for shipping and handling.

How SoulPrints are Created

Each SoulPrint begins with just the client’s date of birth and birth name. Raven does the research and identifies the Mayan sun sign and tone, then does a meditation. Within a short time, Raven sees in her mind’s eye the symbols, images, colors, shapes, etc. that she will then render using markers, colored pencils and chalk pastels.

Once the image is rendered, Raven types up the interpretive reading to offer additional insight into the imagery.

The final art is delivered as an 11x14 mixed media piece within a portfolio folder. The inside flap holds the reading with the symbolic interpretation of what showed up in the meditation/journey.

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