The Symbolist

A “Symbolist” is a person who uses or interprets symbols as a means of discerning truths about reality.

If you can read, you are a symbolist. If you see any object you can name and no longer experience it directly but with an overlay of projected meaning, words, and experiences, you are a symbolist.

We all utilize symbols (and words as symbol short-cuts) to operate as stand-ins for things as they actually ARE.

What I do is make this a conscious practice. I deliberately experience something as it IS (you, your business, an abstract concept like “beauty”) and ask the question, “What is the symbol for_________?” Then I wait to see what shows up, and I draw what I see. 

Interestingly enough, many symbols are universal and are deeply embedded in the collective unconscious. People from all times and cultures have experienced some things in a similar way and chosen to represent what they experience in a similar way. Certain colors and shapes and proximities create similar feelings and perceptions in all humans, in all places, and at all times. For example, the concepts of “masculine” and “feminine” almost universally associate straight and angular shapes with masculine and soft, rounded, circular shapes with feminine.

This isn’t really as magical as it might seem. It’s just very open, relaxed observation of what is, then allowing oneself to express what is showing up. What makes it seem magical is that most of us are moving so fast and have so many images hurling at us from so many directions that we no longer SEE, FEEL, or directly EXPERIENCE much of anything anymore.

As I have gone deeper into this work, I notice that my lifestyle has changed. I no longer own or want to watch TV. I have slowed WAY down in my life pace and no longer own a car, choosing to walk, ride a bike or take other forms of transportation. I prefer to spend plenty of time in nature, and enjoy creating SoulPrints in nature. I have found that Spirit operates at a vibration that is only accessible when I slow down. This is thoughtful, grounded, attentive work. It requires me to really be present, listen, and see with both my inner and outer “eyes”. When we work together, you are not a deadline. You are the focus of my attention, my intention, and my senses. I want to perceive you directly, and that is why so many of my clients tell me, “You really get me. You see me. You understand.”

Symbolist Offerings

Most everything I create as a Symbolist is Intuitive, Visual, and Meaningful. Usually I capture something more abstract and make in concrete. I make the intangible tangible.

The forms these symbols take include:

SoulPrints – Mixed media illustrations on 11 x 14 mixed media paper with a written symbolic interpretation. Arrived at through meditation, these pieces are illuminating and personal. No two are alike. Presented in a photo portfolio, they make wonderful gifts. The SoulPrint is also the first phase of my logo designing process.

Logo Design – The more accurate term would be Soul Symbol. The practical usage, however,  is as a business or organization logo. Digitally rendered designs arrived at through journey work and interactive consultation with you, the client. Logo Soul Symbols can be done with or without doing the SoulPrint as a first phase.

Draw You Out visual note-taking – In these intuitive consultations, I capture the key concepts in a visual note-taking style that is more easily remembered. I utilize this consultation method either as part of one of the healing phases of The Full Meal Deal or as a stand-alone service to address any area you are seeking insight, clarification, or healing.

Check out the Galleries section of this website to see examples of these various symbolic expressions.


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Order Yours

Ready to get your SoulPrint, SoulSymbol, or have me Draw You Out?

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