It is absolutely OK to go through the various offerings I have and choose one or two that appeal to you and do those. In fact, if you are looking very specifically for something you’ve heard about, I invite you to pop over to the Menu a la Carte and get more information on each one. > Go to Menu a la Carte.

That said… I highly recommend you consider “The Full Meal Deal and take advantage of everything I have to offer.

Here’s why…

After doing this work for over 20 years, I recognize that there is a PROCESS of emergence that happens for most of my clients and I am in a unique position because of my personal experiences, gifts, and skill sets to create a really powerful EXPERIENCE for you that goes way beyond getting a logo design or a business card layout.

People don’t work with me because I am a talented graphic designer (although I am and actually rock at that).

They seek me out because I see them intuitively on a soul level, I have the ability and the tools to help them heal and release what stands in the way of being their most radiant and amazing self, and I can reveal them to themselves and to the people they are here to serve. 

The Full Meal Deal

Get the maximum benefit of everything I have to offer as a Soul Symbolist, Healer and Truth Guide in this one multi-month journey

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 The Process

This is what my process really looks like for someone who does the “Full Meal Deal.” I have noted with each phase what I am doing, what it accomplishes for you, and which archetypes I am invoking (roles I am playing) at each leg of the journey.


I SEE You!

Who you really are and why you are here. Sometimes we forget. To paraphrase that famous line from The Sixth Sense, “I see beautiful people.” I am so blessed to have the privilege of seeing the beautifully unique essence of a person in symbolic form. I have also noticed that when I have worked with people over a period of time, the SoulPrint can change in interesting ways. The imagery that comes up in the SoulPrint gives us a place to start the journey and a very interesting conversation begins. The images and concepts we discover will lead us to deeper layers of exploration.

With SoulPrints, I help you remember. Symbols bypass the Mind chatter.

To see samples of SoulPrints, click HERE.
This is the Soul Symbolist and Truth Guide at work.



releaseLet go of what “isn’t”. What isn’t you? What isn’t yours? What no longer serves?

In this 1 hour consultation and the up-to-60 minutes of follow-up coaching, we will delve into a bit of your story, capture it visually, and release some of the aspects that may be holding you back or tripping you up as you launch this new endeavor. Over the years, I have watched most of my clients deal with limiting beliefs, stories, projections, and all kinds of garbage and stuck or misplaced energy that they picked up getting to where they are now. It’s time to take out the trash! Nothing stirs this stuff up like reaching up to another level and being more visible. It just seems to crawl out of a tar pit somewhere. We will identify what no longer serves the fullest expression of who you are and release it and compost it to feed the next awesome version of you that is emerging.

With Draw You Out, a visually facilitated healing journey, we will explore your story.
This is the Soul Symbolist, Healer and Truth Guide at work.



restoreCall Your Power Back. Quite often we find that we lost some important and powerful parts of ourselves along the way. This is called “soul loss” and it happens when we experience trauma. If we’re going to reveal the REAL you, let’s reveal all of the very best you have to offer. When I do these sessions, we combine a meditation, journey, and visual notes to recollect the insights gained from the process.

In this 1 hour consultation, we will enter into deep meditation and find and aspect of you that is ready to come back online and be part of you again. This “Soul Part” usually has a message and a Gift. I will capture our discovery with visual notes and create a talisman that fits with the Gift your Soul Part returns. Having this information and something tangible to represent it assists you integrating this powerful aspect of yourself as you move forward into expressing the fullness of who you are.

With Soul Retrieval and Power Animal Connections, I  help you gently and powerfully call back your power.
This is the Healer and Truth Guide at work.



revealShine Your Light. Once that which no longer serves is released and you have your mojo back, we focus on The Reveal—capturing you in your radiance in a symbol that captures the essence of who you are. This is the basis of your Brand.

This is the part of the journey most people come to me for in the first place. Often, the Soulpreneur has started a business and needs a logo, a business card, and a web site. Perhaps someone has recommended me to them. That’s the “deliverable” the tangible end product. This is where we get to that, but because we have done the other steps leading up to this, we will have a much more powerful, personal, and lasting result. I’ve designed over 2000 logos over more than 20 years. I know how to design logos. More important, I know how to recognize the beautiful essence of a person and what they offer and capture it symbolically.

In this segment, we will review the rich symbolism that has come forward from your SoulPrint and the healing sessions and I will render a digital starting point on the computer. We will schedule up to 90 minutes to work interactively and co-create the final symbol that will become your brand. When done, you will have all your digital logo files, your business card ready for the printer, and one accessory (such as a silk scarf, leggings, or pillow case) to use to promote your Soulpreneur business.

With SoulSymbols, we create a logo based upon your own radiant essence to communicate your uniqueness and attract your ideal clients.
I also can help you express and extend the reach of that brand with web site design, unique to you branded clothing items, and print materials.

To see samples of SoulSymbols (logo designs) click HERE.
This is the Soul Symbolist and Truth Guide at work.



renewRinse and repeat. We all know life and business is a journey and a process. If you’d like to have me join you for part of that ongoing journey, I am happy to step back in as a consultant from time to time.

With The Ravens Nest Community, I am creating sacred space to nurture and support your emergence into the fullest expression of who you are.
 When we try to do things on our own, it can be challenging to stay motivated and focused. We can burn out rather than burn bright. When we come together, we all benefit by inspiring and encouraging one another. We shine brighter together.

This is looking to be both in person and online. Join us!
This is the Truth Guide at work.