RavenSlotPicMy Story

My story is your story. I believe we are all here to make a unique contribution to this world that no one else can make. My greatest fear? “Dying with my music still in me.”

What gives me the greatest joy? Discovering more about myself—my gifts, my purpose, my passions, my abilities, my growth edges. An extension of that joy is helping others to do the same. Like attracts like, and over the years I’ve noticed that the clients I attract are a “mirror/mirror” situation.

My clients seek me out because I am as passionate about you showing up in the world in the powerful, beautiful uniqueness that is YOU as I am about doing it myself. My essence is about revealing your essence. How cool is that?

The Back Story

Of course, I didn’t just wake up one morning and say, “Hey, I want to go out and reveal the essence of other people for a living!” It was a much more roundabout journey … as these things usually are.

The Branding Maven


It began with my first love, graphic design. My particular specialty is logo design for Soulpreneurs — small business owners who do what they so as an expression of their soul. Their work is more of a calling than a profession; these are my people. I created over 2000 logo identities for clients in all 50 states and 15 foreign countries. At first, I developed systems for understanding my clients, their market, and their business. Soon, I had done SO many logos, I just seemed to intuitively know what a person needed within a few minutes. It was like having a superpower, an X-Men gift of symbolic sight or something. But there was more on the way…

The Seeker and The Healer

Shortly after getting really good at the hard skills of using the software and the design chops to consistently create beautiful work, I began a very deep dive into my own conscious awakening. I learned to meditate. I learned to journey. I learned to ask Spirit for information and get really spot-on, amazing insights I couldn’t explain any other way. I also worked for about three years as a hands-on Bowen healing practitioner, helping hundreds of people transform their aches and pains.

And then… I moved to Maui.

The Artist and SoulPrints


Maui has a very powerful, accelerating energy (in my opinion). At least, it was for me. While there, I started creating a more artistic (vs. graphic design) offering called SoulPrints. This mixed media creation combined with an intuitive reading had a powerful effect on my clients. I did over 250 of them in the three years I lived on Maui. People often held back tears as they read their manuscripts. I was accessing something much deeper—the soul essence, the purpose and unique expression of the beautiful soul I beheld. I learned to translate what showed up in SoulPrints into logo designs for those who wanted it. It became clear, however, that something more was needed. I was opening people up to a level of awareness that needed more processing and integration than my service could contain.

Beyond Design

This work has brought me the the very core of my clients. I realized in just the last few months that many times, what people realize about themselves is so astonishing, so BIG, they need some time and a trusted guide to navigate the process of integrating this new vision they have of themselves and their business. Consequently, I am developing more support offerings—a community that can meet and encourage one another, ongoing branding coaching, and consulting to help my clients move from just being congruent with their essence, to being fluent and having continuity in BEing their brand and message in the world.

By any other Name…

RavenCardIn 2016, it was time to return to Sacramento. I call it “Sacto 3.0” because this is the third time I have created a life for myself in this City of Trees. The first time, I was born here. I was Tania Haines. The second time, I was married here and became Tania von Allmen. The third time around, I decided to formally change my name to the name I was know by with my friends on Maui, the name I gave the heroine in my 2011 novel—Raven Tahara.

Raven means “Messenger from the Void.” In shamanic traditions, Raven is about transformation, healing and magic. As an empath and as an intuitive, I believe that Spirit delights in communicating useful insights through my art and writing. I don’t have an agenda. My desire is to be a clear vessel for inspiration and love. Simple.

Tahara means “Pure” or Pure of Heart in Hebrew and Arabic. In ancient Egyptian, Ta Ha Ra means Land of the House of the Sun. I found that interesting because my first solo design business was named Luminosity Studio. I have always perceived myself as a vessel of Light, and therefore my work as sacred in nature. I recognize that I am beholding and revealing something very precious and very beautiful—you.

I’ve spent over 20 years helping people discover who they really are and then supporting them to express that beauty to the people they most want to serve. Along the way, I found myself and my calling. I came home—to me.

The Whole Story


On 11-11-11 I launched a book called Return of the Phoenix: Journey of the Master Key. It tells the story of Raven Tahara, a Symbolist with a life purpose of embodying and bringing forward a sacred symbol called The Master Key.

More autobiography than novel, you’ll find it to be a fun and fast read. Available on Amazon in Kindle format or directly here in paperback. Read it and then you’ll know… the rest of the story.

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