Graphic Recording

As a Symbolist, one of the applications for my gift for capturing big ideas, concepts, and other intangibles is Graphic Recording.

Working with a professional facilitator, I capture key words and images while a group is progressing through strategic planning, key-note speakers, brain-storming, and other processes. Also known as Graphic Facilitation, Sketch Noting, Visual note-taking, and other names, this process helps make a meeting more effective for several key reasons:

  1. People see their input captured and feel heard and their contributions validated
  2. Combining images and words increases recall by up to 30%
  3. In a world numbed by digital input, the hand-drawn modality stands out, creates greater engagement and makes the meeting more interesting and participatory.
  4. Complex ideas are visualized and a flood of information is distilled to a manageable and concise format, making next actions easier to see and move forward.

I am available for retreats, corporate and organizational meetings, and events. Call to discuss my rates and availability.